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The Moreshet Archive is divided into twelve main record groups (RG):


Testimonies and Memoirs (RG A): This record group contains texts written by survivors or interviewers, as well as audio and video recordings of interviews.


Personal Collections (RG C): This record group contains approximately one-hundred collections of private archives and personal estates that have been entrusted to the Moreshet Archive over the years. The private archives and estates consist of a wide variety of materials, such as letters, photographs, manuscripts, and works of art.


Documents, Letters, and Journals (RG D.1): This record group contains official government documents, personal documents, forged documents, private correspondences, inter-institutional correspondences, correspondences with institutions and figures throughout the free world (delegations from Palestine, aide and rescue committees, diplomatic delegations, etc.), personal diaries of both victims and survivors, and institutional journals documenting different events from the period of the Holocaust.


Manuscripts (RG D.2): This record group contains academic studies, seminar papers, MA theses, and PhD dissertations on the Holocaust, as well as the personal diaries of survivors.     


Memorabilia (RG D.3): This record group contains items that were owned by Jews and non-Jews during the Holocaust, such as ritual articles, utensils, badges, garments, yellow Star of David badges (Judengelb), etc.


Photographs (RG D.4): This record group contains photographs and negatives from the Holocaust and the period following WWII. It also contains photographs capturing life in the unique Jewish towns known as shtetls that existed until the Holocaust.


Newspapers (RG D.5): This record group contains newspapers and newspaper clippings from Jewish and other newspapers published during WWII in Germany, the Nazi occupied countries, and the satellite states. It also contains newspapers published after WWII that contain articles on subjects such as the Holocaust and Jewish refugee Holocaust survivors.


Art and Literature (RG D.7): This record group contains original drawings, paintings, and reproductions depicting experiences during the Holocaust, as well as poems and a diverse collection of other types of artwork.


Inventory and Catalogues (RG E): This record group contains catalogues and inventory lists for various archives in Israel and other countries.


Video Tapes (RG I): This record group contains documentary and feature films, television programs, and filmed interviews on subjects such as the Holocaust, WWII, and anti-Semitism.


Audio Tapes (RG G): This record group contains audio tapes on subjects such as the Holocaust, WWII, and anti-Semitism.


Community Books (RG K): The Moreshet Archive maintains a collection of hundreds of community (“Yizkor”) books commemorating Jewish communities that were destroyed during the Holocaust.



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