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About our education department

The Moreshet Holocaust educational center offers a wide variety of learning programs and quality activities, which are staffed by a team of well trained teachers, guides and Lecturers, with high degrees, Teaching certificates and years of experience in education. The Holocaust education center constantly renews, updates and develops its educational programs. It’s activities are customized to a variety of audiences: Students, teaching staffs, guides, armed forces personnel, seniors, immigrants, and to all of those which are interested and seek a professional, high quality educational experience on the subject of the Holocaust.

With Assistance from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Sponsored by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility  and Future” Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Finance

Educational content

Materials for free usage for teachers and educators

Suggestions for activities

We invite you to contact us and schedule seminars, Exhibition visit and a lot of other educational activities
  • workshops

    A selection of examples of Creative workshops that can be done in Moreshet

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  • Seminars

    Examples of Moreshet seminars that include lodging

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  • One day seminars for students

    Examples of one day seminars in Moreshet

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  • “Like everybody else?” new activity about daily life under the Nazi regime 1933-1939

    A unique activity on day-to-day life in Germany under the Nazi regime from 1933 to 1939

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Trips in Israel and trips to Poland for teens, students and adults.

Poland delegations guides

One day seminars, conventions, lectures, books and study materials accustomed to the needs of Poland trip guides

מספר קבוצות של אנשים עובדים מסביב לשולחנות

One day seminars for Poland delgations guides

Seminar days include a variety of lectures from top lecturers, on subjects that can enrich and widen the historical and moral knowledge of guides of Poland trips for teens and adults. Seminar days in Moreshet are acknowledged as part of the mandatory training required for every guide.

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הרבה ספרים בצבעים שונים מסודרים בספריה

Study materials for Poland delgations guides

Online lectures, articles, texts for ceremonies & more

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ספר פתוח בדפדוף

Recommended books for Poland delgations guides

Moreshet has published basic, novel and important books that provide all of those that deal with this subject research knowledge, and both diverse and fascinating testimonies, which are required for anyone wishing be a more precise and enriching guide.

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The traveler's app for Poland

The app contains content and information on hundreds of locations related to Jewish history throughout Poland and Polish general history. Also, the app introduces you to famous tourist attractions in Poland. The app operates in several languages.

Opening hours and Directions

  • Sunday-thursday, 9:00- 16:00
  • Givat Haviva

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