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Moreshet – The Mordechai Anielewicz International Center for Holocaust Documentation, Research, and Education, was founded in 1961 by a group of fighters, ghetto rebels and partisans- members of Hashomer Hatzair movement in Europe. Moreshet locate in Givat Haviva. in Moreshet we have a rich archive, book publishing house and an educational department with exhibition and classes

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81 years since the great action of the Warsaw Ghetto

On July 22nd, 1942, the great Warsaw Ghetto transfer took place, the great transportation of what the Nazis tried to portray as transfer east for resettlement, but was actually transfer to Treblinka and the extermination of about 260 thousands Jews of all ages.

Humanity in the Ghettos

/ The virtual exhibition “Humanity in the Ghettos” is one of three new, interactive, interesting and Educating exhibition of Moreshet /

מספר מעגלים של תלמידים ותלמידות בפעילות

Educational department

/ holocaust educational center /

‘Moreshet’ holocaust educational center is offering a verity of learning activities of the highest quality. All of the activities are guided by teachers, instructors and lecturers, all with high degrees, teaching certificates and a lot of educational experience.


“Like everyone else?”

/ תערוכות /

Moreshet Archive

‘Moreshet’ archive collects and preserves original documents, photographs and different artifacts of the holocaust and WWII time. In the archive there’s a huge collections of text and recorded personal and collective testimonies, all collected right after the liberation and during the years after.

פורטריט של טוסיה אלטמן

Exemplary Figures

/ חינוך /

Moreshet Exhibitions

In ‘Moreshet’ we have a verity of exhibitions who invites the visitors to a deep and experiential meetings with main historical issue s from the holocaust time. We emphasis on dilemmas, main characters and the life design  processes.

תערוכת נשים של מכון מורשת

A Face to Resistance: Women in the Holocaust

/ מדריכי פולין /
כינוס של מדריכי השומר הצעיר עם יאנוש קורצ'אק

Israel reads Korczak

/ קטלוג הספרים /

Moreshet Book Publishing

In Moreshet book publish you can find books about the lately holocaust and Anti-Semitism researches, Memorial books and testimonies, a tourist guides to Poland and ‘Moreshet Journal’ from all the years.

חוברות תוכן של מושרת אחת על השנייה


/ חינוך /
מתחתם הכיתות של מכון מורשת

About Moreshet

/ חינוך /

אנחנו מבקשים לברך את יהלום וצ’בטיקנין על הזכייה

הזמנה לכנס לציון 80 שנים למרד בנייסבייז' פורטריט של ישראל גוטמן


/ המייסדים /

Hijacking the Memory of the Holocaust by Illiberal Forces

 Andrea Pető is a Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University, Vienna Austria and a Doctor of Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.