‘Moreshet Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Antisemitism’

כריכת ילקוט מורשת

‘Moreshet Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Antisemitism’ is a Peer Review.

‘Moreshet’ – the Mordechai Anielevich Memorial Holocaust Study and Research Center was founded in 1961 and among the various goals, the founders decided to establish a twice a year periodical that will publish different researches and testimonies about the holocaust. The first issue of ‘Moreshet Journal’ was published in November 1963, two years after ‘Moreshet’ foundation as a holocaust preservation, research and education center. ‘Moreshet Journal’ is the first periodical of its kind that is published since 1963 to this day.

Among ‘Moreshet Journal’ founders are professor Israel Gutman (1923-2013), the poet and partisan Abba Kovner (1918-1987), Dr. Shalom Cholavsky (1914-2011) and professor Yehuda Bauer. Along the way they were joined by Rozka Korczak Marle (1921-1988), Akiva Nir (1922-2004), Haika Grossman Orkin (1919-1996) and Yehuda Tobin (1908-1998). Dr. Ariel Hurwitz was the founders successor and was ‘Moreshet Journal’ editor for thirteen years and during his time the journal started publishing in English.

The current ‘Moreshet Journal’ board was grouped as academic board for more than a decade now. The board members are: Professor Yehuda Bauer, Dr. Graciela Ben Dror (editor), Dr. Ariel Hurwitz, Dr. Rafi Vago, Professor Marcos Silber, Professor Aviva Halamish, Professor Guy Miron, Professor Dalia Ofer, Professor Dina Porat, Professor Eli Tzur and Professor Roni Stauber (Dr. Esther Webman also was part of the board).

Since 2011, Tel Aviv University, under the hand of Professor Dina Porat (Alfred P. Slaner Chair for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism), is supporting ‘Moreshet Journal’. In addition, since the new board was grouped, an important academic side was added to the journal and also a new word was added to the headline, and Since than the journal name is ‘Moreshet Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism’.

Since its foundation to this day ‘Moreshet Journal’ is being published consistently. In its first years the journal was published twice a year, now days once a year a Hebrew issue is published and once a year an English issue,, witch makes ‘Moreshet Journal’ an important periodical all over the world.

Through the years, known experts in the holocaust research field were publishing papers in a variety of topics, but in the same time ‘Moreshet Journal’ is giving a place for young researchers at the start of their academic career.

In ‘Moreshet Journal’  there’s some permanent sections: the main section which deals with first hand documents based historical papers, a testimonies and documentation section and a book review section.

We want to thank the “Claims Conference” for the support in ‘Moreshet Journal’ throughout the years.

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With Assistance from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
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