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‘Moreshet’ – A Living Memorial Institute to the Holocaust condemned the brutal attacks on Israel that left thousands of civilians dead and wounded.

‘Moreshet’ – Mordechai Anielevich memorial institute, expresses its deep sorrow, grief, and pain for the victims of the murderous terrorist attack in the kibbutzim, villages, and cities surrounding Gaza on October 7.

For the injury, murder, the destruction of communities, the cold-blooded murder of babies, children, women, elderly and sick men, for their abduction of hundreds who were pulled from their beds are now in the hands of villains in Gaza.

Residents and friends had to fight for their homes, their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, against those whose whole business was to destroy, kill, and damage of communities lifetime.

Moreshet considers its duty and mandate to be a partner, with other institutes from the kibbutz movement, academia, and civil society, to document in every way the events of individuals, families, and communities from the settlements in the Gaza Strip and to allow, beyond the mere preservation of memory, the documentation of the heroism of the kibbutzim and their members and serve as a mouthpiece for those who survived and for their loved ones, who did not get to escape safely from the inferno.

We wish to strengthen and embrace the residents of the Gaza Strip and the soldiers of the IDF and the security forces in their activities and we hope that everyone will return safely to their homes.