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‘Moreshet’ archive collects and documents original documents, certificates, photos, and different artifacts from the holocaust and world war II period. In the archive there’s an immense collection of personal and collective testimonies, some are written and some on tape. All of the testimonies were collected right after the liberation and during the holocaust and world war II. Amongst the existing documents in ‘Moreshet’ archive there’s an originals documents and certificates of the Jewish combat organization in the Vilnius ghetto, the pioneering resistance movement in Hungary, documentary material about the unique part of the Jews in the Slovakian uprising, personal diaries that was written in the war time and art forms that was made during the holocaust and in the detention camp in Cyprus. Also there’s a lot of material about the help and rescue operations to the Jewish refugees in all the different countries, documents about the ‘Bricha’ organization, a collection of original certificates from the Lodz ghetto and many personals collections that different people from Israel and all over the worlds contribute to our archive.


With Assistance from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Sponsored by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility  and Future” Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Finance

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בול סלובקי של הרמינה

Mail postcard that was sent to Hermina Hirschler to Birkenau in 1944

Hermina Hirschler was deported in the first transport of young Jews from Slovakia to Auschwitz and worked in the camp as clerk since March 1942. She managed to save the postcards that she got during her time in the camp till the camp liberation. Through an S"S officer she managed to maintain connection with her family in Slovakia.

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חומר ארכיוני בכתב יד

A note that Israel Alster wrote during the massacre in Kovel, 15.9.42

A description of the murderers, the way to the Killing pit, a call to revenge. The note was brought to Israel by the partisan Grushka from Netanya and was delivered to 'Moreshet' archive by the partisan Haim Oshmin.

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Handing over materials to the archive

שתי ידיים מחזיקות את יומן גטו לוד'ז

Sadly, the holocaust survivors generation is diminished more and more, but still there are people that witnessed with their own eyes and experienced on their own skin the horrors of  the holocaust and world war II. the survivors and their family probably have different kinds of documents and items, like: letters, certificates, photographs, artifacts and newspaper from  the holocaust time and even before.

The importance of personal documents to the research and memorialization of the holocaust is not always understood. Not always we know what is the exact historical material that will help the history researchers and what is deserved to be preserved. In fact, it is the personal documentation that can shine an authentic light on the time and the owners life story.

That is why we address the holocaust survivors and their families that have in their posession historical material about the holocaust, to offer us in ‘Moreshet’ archive your historical- personal material for preservation. In our archive your personal documents and items will be handled by a professional archivist, it will be sorted, catalogued and preserved for future researchers.

If you have in your posession a letter, a photograph, personal dairy, newspaper, personal certificate or item, or anything else please address us in ‘Moreshet’ archive here.

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מדליית הגבורה של פלה כץ

Fela Katz bronze cross

The bronze cross decoration on behalf of the polish republic: "to the fighters in the glory field 1944". The decoration was given to Fela Katz in 1948 for her part in Sosnowiec ghetto uprising in 1944.

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חולצה של ילדה ניצולת שואה

A girl shirt, Miriam Weinbaum-Frank

Miriam Weinbaum-Frank was born in 1934. This is Miriams shirt which she wore during the time she washiding in a polish house during the holocaust. The shirt was found in the possession of the polish person that hid her.

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