Israel reads Korczak

חברי השומר הצעיר בסמינר מדריכים עם יאנוש קורצ'אק

Israel reads Korczak is a reading project about short stories written by Dr. Janusz Korczak, an inspiring educator and pedagog in Poland, before and during WWII.

The project is headed by The Korczak Educational Institute of Israel and the Polish institute in Tel Aviv. The Project goal is to bring for the first time Korczak’s short stories to the general public in Israel through short videos. This project was meant to revive values such as respect to others, responsibility, decency, integrity, tolerance, empathy, community and more, all are values which Korczak wrote about and are still important and relevant to us today.

Moreshet institute has  joined the project and we have  developed educational materials  that create an opportunity to use these videos for educational purposes in the classroom and outside of it.

*All the stories and the educational content is in Hebrow

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Educational content by age:

Kindergarten to third grade

Fifth to eighth grade

Seventh to ninth grade

Ninth to twelve grade